Batun is the capital of Tajan and the seat of government. It is located on the northern coast of the continent of Elim and is primarily a sea port, trading between Tajan and countries on the mainland.

Important Places

  • Capital Building
  • Royal Palace
  • Guard House

Guild Houses

  • Traders’ Guild
  • Farmers’ Guild
  • Miners’ Guild
  • Builders’ Guild
  • Adventurers’ Guild
  • Hunters’ Guild

Public Houses

  • The King’s Flagon (tavern, poor)
  • The Serpent (tavern, common)
  • The Fool’s Playhouse (tavern/stage, common)
  • The Harper and the Calderon (inn, common)
  • The Lazy Demon (inn, common)
  • The Bunkhouse (inn, poor)


  • Jeweler’s District
  • Traveler’s goods
  • Fresh goods market
  • Luxury items
  • Arms/armor
  • Livestock
  • Pets
  • Clothing (high-end)
  • Clothing (common)
  • Furniture/wood working


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