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The kingdom of Tajan is located on the Northern end of a continent called Elim. Its major trade is sea-trade with a massive city-state on the other side of the ocean, called Onossilya. Tajan trades ore, livestock, grain, textiles, and other mundane goods with Onossilya and other smaller nations in return for lumber and luxury items.

One of the major things a visitor to Tajan needs to know is this: Tajan doesn’t believe in magic. There is something deeply odd about this continent of Elim and both the larger kingdom and its frontiers on the Southern end of the desert believe that all magic and supernatural elements are always naturally explainable. Onossilya and the rest of the civilized world generally tolerate Elim’s eccentricities in exchange for their high quality iron, mithril, and silver trades.

Not all of Elim is in the dark. There’s a network of enlightened people throughout the continent who know that magic and monsters are real and are working to keep the Elimen folks safe from themselves. They’re known as Jagers or Hunters and they have an underground network throughout the Elimen frontier. Some of them work in the Tajan cities and there have been some strange rumors coming from the capital of Batun, especially in the wake of the King’s death eight years ago but nobody seems to have the full story.

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