Hunters' Guild

This brick-and-mortar building is located on the eastern side of the main market square. It flies a banner which depicts a black crossbow crossed with a long hunting knife on a diagonally sectioned field of dark green and red.

Inside, there is a common room similar to that found in most taverns with rough wooden benches arranged along long wooden trestle tables. In cold or rainy weather, there is always a roaring fire going in the fireplace at the far end of the hall and during warm weather, the leather screens are taken out of the windows to pull in whatever breeze happens along.

Members of the Hunter’s Guild come in two varieties: Jaegers and mundane hunters. The mundane hunters benefit from the guild by fulfilling bounties on criminals and outlaws or specific animals wanted for tanning, trophy, and culinary reasons.

Jaegers must be fluent in the Jaeger codes to acquire access to the Guild’s libraries, resources, and bounty boards.

All members are furnished with one meal a day of their choosing and free access to baths, clothing services, and tailoring. They may stay in the Guild Hall for 1gp per night and additional meals are 5sp. Beds are made up on the benches in the common room and food is always common, simple fare.

Membership in the Guild costs 10gp per season or 30 gp for the year.

Hunters' Guild

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